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Self image – Who we are

We are members of the Juso-Hochschulgruppen, a team of Young Socialists at universities throughout the country. As a Juso-Hochschulgruppe, we are a socialist, feminist, and internationalist association.

At this time, there are many problems at our university:

Attendance checks were implemented behind our backs, seminars and lectures are way too full, and (structural) racism and sexism still exist, and are tolerated in many cases.
Furthermore, there’s a number of factors that aren’t directly linked to the university, but can still drastically affect the success of students. There’s isn’t enough affordable housing in Oldenburg; BAföG (and other federal student grants) are tight.  For this very reason, we’re fighting for a general political mandate: According to our idea of politics, any separation between university and its surroundings is purely artificial.
Since the legislation period of 2014/2015, we’ve been advocating students’ interests in the student parliament (StuPa), student union (Studentenwerk), student council (AStA) and in the senate; on the one hand, we help shape all the positive changes here at university and, on the other, we pose a critical, opposing force to be reckoned with.
Political parties should help policy formation. In order for parties to put in work for the interests of students, they need the expertise and perspective. This is why we bring our content to party committees; we try to organize left majorities, so that our voices are heard, even on a higher political level. Consequently, this also means that we follow the SPD’s work critically.

Vote for a strong and active student parliament! We need your vote, so that we can continue representing you loudly and proudly.

Counseling offers for students need to be protected and expanded. A student perspective on problems is indispensable! The semester ticket must continue to be financed in solidarity. Individual financing isn’t a fair option; the place of study- and therefore also the distance from home, isn’t always a free choice. We need to reduce the burden for those who are underprivileged and can’t use the semester ticket. Furthermore, we demand an open entry to medical studies! In order to ensure the right to choose a career freely, we desperately need more capacities. For this, we need to rework the application selection system. The final grade alone isn’t adequate to decide whether or not someone can study. We welcome the decision of the federal court (Bundesverfassungsgericht), which states that in 2019, the criteria for awarding study places will be revised, and we stand for it on a federal and state-wide level.

Even today, women* are structurally disadvantaged at universities- often unknowingly. We want equality for all genders and women* to have the ability to be active and visible in all positions at university. Feminism isn’t an end in itself; it’s a societal necessity!

To combat structural disadvantages, we will establish a strong, quoted AStA, where women* and their interests are fairly and proudly represented. Our political list is the only group to compete for StuPa that is quoted to the very last (35th) member! Furthermore, we are the list with the largest number of women. We’re staying strong for all women*!

Racism, xenophobia, and antisemitism are not just phenomena that exist in (political) extremes, but are also prevalent in the so-called “middle of society”. As the Carl von Ossietzky University, we need critically follow societal discourse and changes. We actively take a stand against contemptuous and excluding ideologies; history must not repeat itself!

University and Life
One of the requirements for successful studies are, for one, a good teaching (i.e. enough good personnel). But even with the best classroom conditions, it’s impossible to fully concentrate on your studies with crippling financial burdens. This is why we advocate on a federal level for a revision of both BAföG and penalty tuition fees! This includes e.g. raising the subsidy cap and providing grant support that’s independent from parent income and available for everyone.
We believe that every student should be able to live autonomously. Therefore, we continue to demand the adherence to Lower Saxony’s Higher Learning Act, which forbids (with few exceptions) mandatory attendance!
University life isn’t just about studying and grades. We believe that, during your studies, you should be able to experiment, explore, and experience freely. Among other things, we helped in creating the culture ticket (Kulturticket), wish to encourage students to get to know Oldenburg beyond the university campus.


What have we achieved together in the AStA and the Stupa?

Besides many other projects, we:

– voted for the statewide Semesterticket, which will be introduced in the WS 18/19!

-Prepare the strike ballot which will decide whether the route Weener-Groningen will be added to the Semesterticket for 4€ more per Student. Don’t forget to vote!

-The project “Wohnen für Hilfe” which created more affordable housing for students by allowing them to socially engage themselves. More infos under: http://www.wfh-oldenburg.de

-Fight against the exmatriculation of **** students due to them not having paid heinous and unjustly high fines. The tireless work of the AStA paid off, allowing those students to return to their studies.

-Help introduce the Kulturticket! As we all know, bureaucracies tend to slow down everything, though we have finally managed to give students free (or cheaper) access to certain cultural institutions (such as the Casablanca or the Staatstheater) from the WS 18/19 onward.

-Offer events that go beyond the usual curriculum at university, allowing students to discuss and inform themselves on current events that interest them such as the US-Elections, the Syria conflict, educational systems, sustainability or many, many others.

-Fight for more openness of the University for refugeed students! Believing in the sense of diversity and solidarity, we offered support and guidance for refugeed people via, for example, offering introductory seminars during the international Orientation Week. We also regularly collect donated clothing and deliver it to the proper locations and institutions.